Our Mission Statement

To provide a first class, professional, attentive service to our clients, ensuring that all retrofit projects are compliant and conducted to the best of their ability, delivering results that last 30 years or more.

Our Vision for the future

To work with installers, manufacturers, architects, and specifiers across the United Kingdom, helping to ensure the properties of today are outfitted for the energy challenges of the future.

Our consulting team bring over two decades of experience in the built environment, with an emphasis on building compliance.  Seeing the demand and scale of the rapidly growing retrofit industry, Madison May was founded to guide companies and property owners through the coming challenges that will inevitably arise from such large-scale change.

Achieving the United Kingdom’s environmental targets will require a retrofit programme on an unprecedented scale, with almost all domestic buildings in the UK requiring some level of improvement. Estimates suggest that domestic properties make up approximately 14% of national greenhouse gas emissions, something that must be addressed to meet our goals.

As one of the first consulting firms specialising in retrofit works, our goal is to help contractors navigate the complex challenges of the coming years, while upholding best practices and ensuring retrofit work is future-proof.

As a company, we are conscious not just of the environmental impact of older buildings, but the social impact as well. Issues such as fuel poverty in domestic dwellings have a significant impact on the wellbeing and financial stability of many families across the country. Our goal is to create environments where properties work for people, not the other way around.



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